Storms usually come with a lot of damage and risks, and you need to prepare accordingly. When you hear an announcement of a potential storm coming your way, you need to prepare the items you require in that time. However, getting enough supplies is not the end of preparation. You must know what to expect and how to keep you and your family safe. Our electricians prepared this article to help you understand what to do to prevent electrical hazards during storms.

Before the Storm

Protect Your Home

Since your home has power lines connecting it to the power grid, you must protect it from electrical surges. During storms, there is a high likelihood of a blackout, which means an accumulation of charge. When the power returns, it may cause a surge that can damage your wiring and the connected devices. Therefore, you should have our professionals install a surge protector that absorbs and regulates such incidences, protecting your house from accidents.

Installing a lightning arrestor is also crucial since it prevents the power surge from the sky from damaging your wiring. This simple device has a wire that connects it to the ground, redirecting the excess current away from your wiring. Therefore, when you install the lightning arrestor, you can enjoy safety from electrical fires caused by lightning strikes. You also protect your devices from damage.

Get Weather Updates

It is essential that you know the weather conditions in your area to avoid getting caught off-guard. Listen to news on the weather, especially if a storm is approaching. This way, you will always know when to expect it and the severity to prepare for. Thanks to technology, you can get weather updates on your smartphone using various apps. People also post their activities and happenings on social media, so you can easily get all the information you need. The weather updates will help you prepare your family and home before the downpour begins.

Educate the Family

Everyone in the household should have the correct knowledge of how to avoid electrical hazards during storms. Therefore, you need to teach everyone what to do during the stormy weather. You can also educate the children about the dangers of playing outside and other safety measures. This way, you can have peace of mind even if the downpour begins when you are away from the house. It is also essential to have a written document that instructs the family members on what to do. Place it somewhere everyone can find it.

Invest in a Backup Generator

It is prudent to have a source of power in case of a power blackout. Please consult with our electricians on the most suitable product for your home, depending on your energy consumption. An automatic generator will take over the power supply immediately after the main grid goes off. This will ensure that your units receive the necessary energy to keep running. Professional installation is also crucial to avoid electrical faults and wrong wiring.

Unplug the Electronics

It is crucial to unplug your electronics before the storm begins. While you may not do this too early since you will use them in your daily chores, you need to unplug them as soon as it rains. Storms sometimes cause power surges, which may damage your electronics. There is also a risk of electrocution when someone is in contact with the equipment.

When you unplug, you need to place the electronics as high as possible. However, this may not work for the heavy items or those fixed to their position. The aim is to ensure water does not get in the equipment if it floods. Ensure you cover all naked wires and remove them from the ground.

During the Storm

Stay Indoors

The safest place to weather a storm is inside a building and away from windows. If you have young children, ensure they also do the same. Windows can shatter when hit by lightning, which may cause serious damage. However, if the storm begins when you are driving, find a safe place to park and stay in the vehicle. Manufacturers make the car’s interior safe, so you will not need to worry about lightning.

Nevertheless, you should not touch the metallic parts, especially if electric wires and power poles are down outside. If your car gets hit by lightning or a power line falls on it, ensure you touch the door with insulation on your hands like a heavy cloth. Then, jump out with both feet while avoiding contact with the metallic parts. Since water is an electricity conductor, any wrong moves may risk electrocution.

Stay Low

If the storm finds you outside, you need to find a low place to hide. Lightning primarily targets open spaces and tall objects. Therefore, you need to find shelter in low areas and crouch down. Crouching with your legs together also minimizes the surface area in contact with the ground. Therefore, you should not lie flat on the ground since you will increase contact with water and consequently risk electrocution. You should also not stay on open ground since you may be the tallest item the lightning could strike. Additionally, avoid stand-alone trees, poles, and bodies of water.

No Electronics in Water

At [company name], we constantly remind our clients not to use any electronics that come into contact with water. The system may short-circuit or electrocute you. Therefore, if you have such equipment in your house, it is best to call a professional electrician for assessment. We also inspect the home’s wiring for signs of faulty and burnt circuits. Our electricians have extensive experience that will help them assess the damage and how to restore the electronics.

Stay Away From Naked Wires

If you notice any naked wires in your home or on the road, stay as far as possible from them. Since the cables carry electricity, touching them can lead to electrocution, especially if you are in contact with water. If you find any downed power lines on the road, it is best to stay at least 35 feet from them. The power cables carry high voltages, which can be fatal if you come in contact with them. The best solution in such a case is to contact a professional electrician to remove the lines from the road.

This should also be the case when you find someone electrocuted. Never touch the person or try to remove them from the position. Call 911 and let the trained experts handle the situation. Touching someone in contact with a naked wire extends the circuit to your body, which poses a risk to you. If this happens indoors, you should immediately cut off the power supply from the main switch. This action will cause the electricity to stop flowing, thus saving the person’s life.

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