Spring has arrived in the Winter Haven area, and many people are already talking with the electricians at Top Flight Electric about their outdoor lighting plans. Adding outdoor lighting features is a great way to give your home, landscaping and surrounding areas a bit more life. If you’re inspired to start an outdoor lighting project but unsure what to do, we are happy to offer some suggestions.

Path Lighting

Few outdoor lighting systems look as instantly classy as path lighting. You have already paid for walkways that lead to your home, and adding lighting is a wonderful way to accentuate them at night. Modern, energy-efficient LED lighting systems are low-intensity, so you can use lights safely on your lawn, even during the driest parts of the year. Likewise, the available LED systems provide a low-cost way to add path lighting without increasing your energy bills. Many systems even use small solar collectors to power the lights.

Path lights are also a great safety choice. It reduces fall risks if someone comes by in the evening. Similarly, it improves your view of the front yard, making it more secure.

Landscape Lighting

If you have a gorgeous tree, bush or planting area on your property, why should people only enjoy it during the daytime? Landscape lighting allows you to highlight the beautiful features on your property even after dark. If you have high-quality landscaping near your house, such as adjacent to a patio or gazebo, then outdoor lighting can bring it out. Not only does this improve the landscaping and expand its role at night, but it can make outdoor spaces look bigger. If you’re entertaining at night, the landscape lighting will also attract people to those parts of the yard.

String Lighting

String lighting strikes a fascinating balance between casual and luxurious. Numerous styles of bulbs can deliver artistic and tasteful effects, too. A vintage filament system will act as an architectural feature in its own right. Stringing lights across the property can also turn the grass into an open area for late-night enjoyment. Even if you just want to sit in the backyard and enjoy the breeze, string lighting can elevate the entire experience.


Uplighting is a form of lighting that highlights the features of your house. Several well-positioned lights can show off the architectural appeal of a home in a dramatic style because uplighting aims from the ground toward the roof. The effect is that shadows cast dramatically upward in unexpected ways. If your house has a textured exterior like stucco, this is a fun way to accentuate its appearance at night.

Programmable Colored Lights

Modern lighting systems and digital controllers provide numerous exciting ways to play with outdoor lighting. One of the most thrilling and innovative options that’s also energy efficient is to install a programmable control panel for LED lights that offer multiple colors. If you want to do seasonal lighting themes, this is a superb way to show off your house. You can do green for St. Patrick’s Day, pastels for Easter and the good old red, white and blue for the Fourth of July. Installed by a qualified electrician, programmable systems can take your outdoor lighting choices to a new level.

Water Features

Many properties in the Winter Haven region have water features. Whether there’s a pond, pool or creek on your property, lighting will instantly add a wow factor to your property. You can aim lights in a fashion similar to landscape lighting. However, a more exciting option is adding floating lights. A few low-brightness floating lights in a pond can give it an exquisite appearance. Lighting a dock or launch can also make the surrounding area safer.


The lantern has a classic look, and modern lighting systems allow you to capture the appearance of gas-powered systems without the risk of fire. You get a gorgeous and warm glow, and the lanterns add architectural appeal to the property. A few well-positioned lanterns can add significant interest, especially if you have a stretch of relatively empty yard on your property. They will also be there in the daytime, serving as points of interest even when they’re not on.

Lighted Steps and Rails

Similar to path lighting, this approach adds an architectural twist. The lights serve to make steps safer, but they also highlight the architectural interest inherent to the steps, rails and posts. When used on an entryway, this style of outdoor lighting can be beautiful. It also makes finding the access points of the house easier for visitors.

Outdoor Buildings

Lots of homeowners have added firepits, gazebos and outdoor kitchens to their properties. Some of these are significant distances from the main structures on the property. One of our electricians can run power to the structures from the main system, or they can also install supporting solar power in subtle places. You can then enjoy these spaces for more of the year, making them great for dinners and parties. It also means that if you start the fun in the afternoon, you don’t have to stop when the sun goes down.

Stone Lighting

Casting light on outdoor stone features is an instant attention-getter. If you have a retaining wall or a stone exterior wall, you can show off the gorgeous colors and textures of the stone with some strategically positioned lights. Warm colors against stone will instantly make the space inviting. The same approach works well with stone features that are far away from the house, too.


Admittedly, this idea is a little more aggressive. However, subtle signage can tastefully add a higher level of outdoor lighting to a home. If you already have signage indicating your address or family name at the end of the driveway, for example, then adding a bit of lighting will make it more visible. Likewise, you could use LED or neon lighting to go to the next level with something that’ll stand out. Thanks to modern programmable LED strips, you can make all kinds of illuminated shapes that will hold up well outdoors.

Shadow Play

You can install lights in interesting spots that will cast intriguing shadows. A lattice structure, for example, can be an interesting choice for shadow play. Illuminating it can cast shadows that make your property intriguing and different.

Canopy Lighting

A lighting canopy can serve as a faux ceiling if you have a patio or outdoor seating area. This is particularly effective if you have a pergola or other structure that will play well with the canopy to create an architectural sensation. Use an unusual pattern in the canopy, such as herringbone, to further the visual interest.

The electricians at Top Flight Electric have deployed lots of fun and practical outdoor lighting systems for customers in the Winter Haven area. We can also provide indoor lighting and major services like rewiring, panel upgrades, and EV charger installation. If you are ready to do an outdoor lighting project this spring, call Top Flight Electric and tell our team what you have in mind.

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