We are continuing our series of articles on electrical strategies to help keep your home and office safe. Our previous article covered the importance of avoiding damaged cords and not overloading your outlets and power strips. Today, we will look at two more tips from our licensed electrician.

Pay Attention to Appliances

Do you have an appliance that regularly trips the circuit breaker, produces shocks, blows fuses, etc.? If so, then you need to unplug the appliance immediately and call a licensed electrician to conduct an electrical safety inspection. Also, if you have certain appliances and devices that you only use on occasion, consider unplugging them when not in use. This helps keep your appliances protected in the event of a power surge or another electrical issue that may arise.

Practice Pet Electrical Safety

Be sure your furry loved ones are safe by hiding electrical cords that may be tempting for pets to chew on and ultimately cause a fire hazard. Also, know where underground wires are located on your property so pets that are “diggers” don’t accidentally discover them. If you have “curious” pets, consider covering your electrical outlets as you would for children. Read the article from our residential electrician on pet electrical safety tips.

Our next article will cover more electrical safety tips as recommended by our residential electrician/commercial electrician.

Top Flight Electric recommends having our licensed electrician conduct an electrical safety inspection of your home and/or office at least annually. We will check for and identify potential and existing hazards that can be addressed before they contribute to something more serious like an electrical fire. If you are considering an automatic backup generator, we are also one of the area’s trusted Generac dealers. Our residential electrician/commercial electrician is qualified to help you explore your options. If you live anywhere in Polk County, including Lakeland Heights, Eagle Lake, Winter Haven, Davenport, Mountain Lake, Lakeland, and Lake Alfred, we invite you to give us a call today!


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