Furry family members are fun and playful but they are oblivious to electrical hazards. Our senior licensed electrician suggests protecting your home from certain electrical hazards just as you do for young children. Our next series of articles discuss electrical safety tips to help keep your pet safe at home.

Hide Electrical Cords

Some pets cannot resist chewing on electrical cords. This can ultimately harm them and create a fire hazard. Even pets that do not chew electrical cords are at risk of tripping or getting stuck on those that hang low or run across the floor. A residential electrician can help identify cords that are potential hazards to pets and recommend ways to conceal them during your electrical safety inspection.

Know Where Underground Electrical Wires Are Located

Knowing where the underground electrical wires are located on your property is especially important for pets who are “diggers”. Be sure to have these marked and blocked off so your pet won’t be tempted to dig near them.

Our next article will cover more electrical safety tips for your pet(s) as recommended by our senior licensed electrician.

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