Having whole home generators in Lake Wales, FL and the nearby areas enables homeowners to enjoy warmth and lighting even during power outages.

These units power your entire house when the main supply goes off. Thanks to technology, you can now connect the generator to your panel so that it automatically takes over the power supply. Please don’t attempt a DIY project with a Whole-House Generator, just pick up the phone and schedule your generator installation with a Licensed Electrician.

Our expertise at Top Flight Electric allows us to install these home generators quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy years of convenience. We’ll guide you in the selection process and install the unit according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Why Whole Home Generators?

There are many generators on the market to fit various needs and budgets. However, whole home generators offer much more convenience and support. They’re big enough to supply enough power to your equipment.

Therefore, you can keep all of your units running despite the length of the blackout. This can save your family from losses from spoiled food or damaged electronics due to power outages.

Additionally, you can maintain your comfort and warmth throughout the wet season. Power outages mostly happen due to storms and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you need to keep your house warm and comfortable.

This is possible with home generators. If you have a smart home that doesn’t use firewood for heating, you must invest in a generator to keep your digital system running throughout the season.

The convenience of not having to switch the power supply on or off constantly will significantly improve your quality of life. A generator has an automatic sensor to detect when the main supply goes off and immediately switches the power supply over.

Therefore, you won’t stay in darkness or maneuver around in the cold while waiting for someone to turn on the generator. This convenience may also help families with crucial machines supporting the elderly or sick persons in the house.

Installing Home Generators in Lake Wales

During the installation of home generators in Lake Wales, we usually inspect the panel and house’s wiring to confirm everything is according to building codes. Installing a generator when the home’s wiring is faulty is risky since you risk damaging the unit while it’s still new.

Therefore, we do our due diligence and check for faults before beginning any work. We’ll also help you select the best product that will meet your energy requirements without straining.

Our electricians at Top Flight Electric also prefer to prepare the location for the generator before starting the installation. We recommend that the place be away from human traffic and have proper shelter from rain and other weather conditions.

A whole home generator needs a place where we can install it permanently to avoid constant interference. Therefore, once we set up the unit, we advise parents to keep children away from the space to avoid damaging the generator.

During the installation, we’ll carefully connect the generator‘s wiring to your home’s panel, ensuring no loose or naked wires. We’ll also perform a test run to ensure the automatic switch works correctly and you know how to operate the unit. Our electricians recommend keeping enough fuel nearby to avoid running out when you need it most.