Addressing Your Fears About Calling A Licensed Electrician

Licensed Electrician

Homeowners and business owners are sometimes apprehensive to call a residential electrician or commercial electrician when they experience a problem, want an upgrade, or need an electrical safety inspection. Handling tasks that should be completed by a licensed electrician is both risky and dangerous.  At Top Flight Electric, we want your experience to be easy and stress free.  Our next series of articles will explore some of the fears people have about calling a licensed electrician.

I Don’t Want To Be Oversold

Being sold on something you do not need is unfortunately a tactic used by unscrupulous providers of electrical services.  At Top Flight Electric, our residential electrician or commercial electrician will conduct an electrical safety inspection and provide you with a full and clear explanation of their recommendations. You will know what you need and why you need it and won’t be left in the dark!

I Don’t Want Any Surprises When It Comes To Billing

Another tactic of unscrupulous electrical service providers is surprise billing.  At Top Flight Electric, our residential electrician or commercial electrician will present you with all of your options on the spot.  We use software that allows us to provide you with a real time pricing quote, and that quote is what you will pay, period.

Our next article will address two more common fears homeowners and business owners have about calling a licensed electrician. Top Flight Electric is Polk County’s residential electrician and commercial electrician of choice. We serve all of Polk County and surrounding areas including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Lakeland Heights, Lake Alfred, Haines City, Eagle Lake, Lake Wales, Mountain Lake, and Davenport.  We are also one of the area’s preferred Generac dealers.  If you need an electrical safety inspection or any other type of electrical work, we can help. We will send a licensed electrician out to your home or business to evaluate your issues and/or needs. Give us a call today!