We are continuing our series of articles discussing some of the reasons to consider purchasing a whole home generator. These units are installed by a licensed electrician and are designed to provide power to your home when a power outage occurs. Our previous article covered the fact that a whole home generator offers peace of mind and convenience during a power outage. They automatically kick in when the power goes out, so there is no need to manually start the unit. Today, we will explore another reason to consider a whole home generator.


Whole home generators can be lifesavers in some situations. If you lose power during extreme weather conditions, a whole home generator will keep your lights, appliances, air conditioner/heat running during the storm. There is no need to fumble in the dark for a candle and/or flashlights. Additionally, if you rely on medical equipment that needs electricity to operate, a whole home generator can keep your life-saving equipment running during a power outage.

Our next article will discuss how a whole home generator offers the best protection for your home during a power outage.

The Generac brand is one of the most trusted in the business and they provide a line of reliable whole home generator options. Top Flight Electric is proud to be one of the area’s preferred Generac dealers. Certified Generac dealers are authorized to evaluate, install, and service Generac whole home generators. When you contact Top Flight Electric for a whole home generator evaluation, we will send a licensed electrician/residential electrician out to your home. We will conduct an electrical safety inspection while exploring your needs and then provide a detailed quote with our recommendations.

Top Flight Electric is proud to be the preferred residential electrician/commercial electrician serving Polk County and surrounding areas including Lakeland, Haines City, Lake Alfred, Lakeland Heights, Davenport, Mountain Lake, and Eagle Lake. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician today!

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