Circuit breaker trips occur for many reasons. While an occasional trip is common, a circuit breaker that continues to have problems should be examined by a licensed electrician. Below are some common reasons why your circuit may trip.

Short Circuit

Short circuits often occur at an outlet, switch or fixture. It is important to identify a short circuit as soon as possible as the extreme heat caused by a short circuit can cause an electrical fire. If you suspect you have a short circuit at your home or business, a certified electrician / commercial electrician can identify and fix the problem.


A circuit becomes overloaded when something plugged in is drawing too much power, causing it to overheat. This often occurs when multiple items that require a lot of power are plugged into the circuit. Common culprits include carpet machines, space heaters, and portable air conditioners. An overloaded circuit can quickly cause a fire, so always be aware of what/how many items you are plugging into a circuit.

Broken Wires

When a broken wire has a load placed on it, the resistance caused by the broken wire can result in excessive current. The excessive current will cause the breaker to trip. Finding a broken wire fault can be difficult to diagnose. A licensed electrician and/or commercial electrician can identify the problem quickly and efficiently.

An electrical safety inspection conducted by a certified electrician can identify issues early. If you own a business, a commercial electrician should be brought in at least once a year to conduct a thorough electrical safety inspection as well. This is not only important for safety, but also peace of mind as unidentified electrical problems are a common cause of fires.

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