You may need a home rewire in Sebring, FL, if your home is old. Outdated electrical systems can be dangerous. Another problem with an old electrical system is it can’t handle the increasing demands of modern appliances. For a consultation and quote, reach out to Top Flight Electric for the best in electrical services.

If you add more appliances to your home, you might overload the circuit. Whole house rewiring in Sebring is sometimes your most affordable option from a long-term perspective. Rewiring only part of the home leaves you with a fire risk from the weaker and older wires.

As time goes on, wires lose their capacity to handle electric loads. More inadequate capacity wires are another reason everyone must eventually rewire their homes.

Home Rewire in Sebring

Overloaded circuits can cause your lights to flicker. You don’t always need a complete rewire in this situation, but in some cases, you do. An occasional spark when you plug a cord into an outlet is usual. Frequent or ample sparks, however, aren’t safe.

You need an electrician to inspect your home if there are big sparks. Likewise, burning smells are a severe warning sign. You may have wires melting in the walls where they can cause a fire.

If the circuit breaker trips often, the electrical system can’t handle your household’s demand. It would be best if you upgraded it for convenience and safety. Sometimes, you only need a part of the house to rewire.

It depends on the cause behind the circuit breaker tripping. It feels warm if your outlet or switch is drawing too much current. We recommend a whole house rewire if the electrical system is aging.

Signs that you need a home rewire:
  • Flickering lights
  • Sparks from the outlets
  • Burning smells
  • Circuit breaker trips
  • Warm switches and outlets
  • Old home