If you’re planning a home rewire in Lakeland, FL, Top Flight Electric is the company to trust. We offer expert whole-house rewiring in Lakeland, and our team can help you overcome any electrical issues. Having your home rewired will also make your electrical system safer and reduce the risk of electrical fires. Make sure you choose a Licensed Lakeland, FL Electrician to complete your project correctly. Missing any aspects of the required electrical code compliance could cause serious issues.

Home Rewire in Lakeland

The age of your house is generally the most significant factor in determining if you need to have your home rewired. Modern electrical systems are much more advanced and much safer. Some much older homes still have knob-and-tube wiring, indicating an outdated electrical system. Another sure sign that you should have your home rewired is if it has a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker panel.

Circuit breakers are not only much more convenient, but they are also much more secure. A modern circuit breaker panel will significantly reduce the risk of power surges and electrical fires. Modern electrical panels are also more efficient and can help lower electricity bills.

These are some issues and signs that indicate you need to have your home rewired:
  • Circuit breakers frequently trip
  • Home has only a 60-amp service panel
  • Outlets or switches keep shocking you
  • Multiple outlets no longer work

Sometimes, you may need only to have some circuits or outlets rewired. One definite sign you need to hire an electrician is if you have outlets with burn marks or if smoke is coming from an outlet. If your electrical panel is hot or makes a buzzing sound, you should also have it replaced and rewired.