Top Flight Electric is the best electric company to tackle your home rewire in Auburndale, FL. If you live in a house built before the 1990s, your wiring could be near the end of its lifespan.

Outdated wiring is more likely to fray or struggle with external damage from old age, pests, and moisture. Replacing these wires is a great way to update your home’s electrical capabilities. A whole house rewiring in Auburndale will also decrease potential hazards like electric shocks or home fires.

Expert Home Rewire in Auburndale

A home rewiring is a process you’ll need help to complete. While it may sound as easy as pulling out your old wires, you must keep your home’s safety in mind. Your house’s wires are likely stapled into place inside your walls. Experienced technicians typically have to cut holes in your drywall to remove them safely.

This process is often completed in sections, with your electrician turning off power to specific areas in your home as they work. These experts have the training and experience to replace your old wires quickly without causing an unnecessary mess.

A home rewiring doesn’t just include the wires in your walls but also your electric panel. Decades ago, a standard 60-amp electrical panel was the best option available. Unfortunately, your busy household will find this needs more power to support all your appliances, systems, and electronics.

If you replace your wiring but still need an updated panel, you could have to deal with frequent shorts or blown fuses. Rewiring will allow your home to handle a more significant electrical load, making it the perfect time to install a new 100-amp or 150-amp panel.

Modernizing your home’s electrical system will improve your family’s safety and the efficiency of your appliances. Over the coming years, you’ll enjoy lower electricity costs and fewer repair needs. When it comes time to move, your upgraded wiring will make it easier to attract buyers and boost your sale price.