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Electrical emergencies often happen without warning. While potential hazards can be identified by a licensed electrician during an electrical safety inspection, there are some electrical emergencies that are just beyond your control. Our next series of articles will take a closer look at different types of electrical emergencies and what to do if they happen to you.

Power Outage

The most prevalent type of electrical emergency is a power outage. Power outages can be caused by an external problem like issues with the power grid or a downed power line. They can also be caused by internal problems within your home such as a tripped or bad circuit or faulty wiring. The first thing to do if you experience a power outage is to check to see if the rest of your neighborhood is out of power. If so, contact your power company to make them aware. If not, then you should grab a flashlight and check the circuit breaker. If a circuit has tripped, you may have overloaded it. If the breaker did not trip, then the issue could be with your wiring. If this is the case, then a residential electrician should be called to conduct a complete electrical safety inspection of your home.

Electrical Shock Caused by Faulty or Exposed Wires

When a wire is exposed, an outlet is damaged, or any type of electricity comes in contact with water, electrical shock is likely to occur. Electrical shock may range from a small jolt to a life-threatening emergency. If someone experiences electrical shock, call 911 and turn off the breaker panel immediately. Do not touch the person until the electricity is cut off. A residential electrician or commercial electrician can conduct an electrical safety inspection to identify potential shock hazards throughout your home or office.

Our next article will examine two more types of electrical emergencies.

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