Your Winter Haven Electricians are Ready to Spring into Action

Now that Spring has arrived, it’s time to start working on outdoor projects. Before you start tackling these projects, a call to a licensed electrician is a good idea. Just searching for “licensed electricians near me” on the Internet might not result in finding an accredited Polk County or Winter Haven electrician. You still need to do your research and find a licensed electrician who is both local and experienced. Top Flight Electric has licensed, local 24hr electricians who know the area, understand the local codes, and can provide you peace of mind because they are not bound by the hindrances of a national chain.

Here are some areas you should have a licensed electrician inspect before you begin working on your outdoor projects.

Inspection of Connections by Licensed Electrician

Moisture can get under the covers, especially during winter months. This can cause excessive corrosion of the electrical connections. Excessive corrosion can lead to grounds and is a potential fire hazard. Having a licensed electrician inspect the outlet before you plug anything into it can avoid the need for a 24/7 electrician to repair a damaged receptacle.

Inspection and Testing of Ground Fault Interruption (GfI) Devices by a Licensed Electrician

You may not have used the outside receptacles during the winter and the elements could cause the GFI to fail. Having a local Winter Haven electrician inspect and test your GFI devices ensures your outside receptacles are safe and ready to use. You don’t want to have to call a 24 7 electrician on Saturday morning to fix an unsafe outlet.

Checking Outside Fixtures for Unsafe Connections by a Licensed Electrician

Warmer Spring temperatures and cool evenings mean spending more time outside and using more light fixtures. Having a local Winter Haven electrician inspect and repair or replace faulty light fixtures can avoid the need to shut down the party early.

Calling a licensed electrician to inspect your outdoor lighting and receptacles can avoid costly damage and unsafe conditions. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! And, it will keep you from having to call a 24/7 electrician. Give Top Flight Electric – your preferred local Polk County and Winter Haven electrician – a call today!

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