When it comes to electricians, not all are created equal. A licensed and qualified electrical contractor can evaluate your home and suggest improvements that can save you money over the long term. Let’s explore some ideas that can help cut down on your electric bill:

  • Home automation –
  • There are numerous home automation devices that can help reduce your electric costs. Smart thermostats, smart plugs, smart outlets, smart lights, and smart sprinkler controls are just a few of the home automation upgrades that not only make your life easier but also help control how much electricity you use. When hiring a licensed electrician, make sure you check their experience and qualifications. Top Flight Electric electricians are qualified to help you incorporate automation features within your home.

  • Electrical system inspection –
  • Our electricians can perform an inspection of your home’s electrical system to identify and detect any problem areas. This is not only important for safety, but also for performance, which can drastically affect your electric bill. Early detection of an issue can also help you avoid an emergency (although we do have a 24/7 electrician on call to help)!

  • LED lighting –
  • LED lights last longer and require less electricity than fluorescent or other types of lighting. Converting homes and offices to LED is something our electricians are very experienced with and enjoy doing, especially when our clients report a drop in their electric bills!

Top Flight Electric has 24/7 electricians on call and ready to serve you. When looking for a reliable electrician, Polk County residents trust Top Flight Electric because we perform background checks, wear shoe covers and clean the space before we leave. Most importantly, we have an upfront, no-surprise pricing structure, something that is rare with most 24/7 electricians. Contact Top Flight Electric to learn more today!


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