Loss of electricity paralyzes a business. Whether it occurs as a result of a storm/hurricane or a widespread municipal outage, a backup generator can keep your business operating when the power is out. Top Flight Electric is one of the areas certified Generac dealers serving Winter Haven, Lakeland, Eagle Lake, and all of Polk County. Our commercial electrician will come to your business, evaluate your needs and recommend the best backup generator to ensure your business remains operational during any type of power outage.

Generac dealers are certified electrical contractors who understand the importance of making sure companies and organizations are able to operate, even in the middle of major storms! The beauty of a Generac generator is that it literally kicks in moments after the power goes out. Generac dealers install these units for small businesses as well as major corporations, hospitals, government buildings, and emergency operations centers. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a certified electrician / commercial electrician evaluate and install a Generac backup generator at your place of business:


One reason why Generac dealers choose to represent the product is that the natural gas units are very eco-friendly. Generac natural gas generators are not only durable and reliable but also produce 90% fewer emissions than diesel.

Integrated Paralleling

Our commercial electrician can set up your Generac generator to power your initial needs. If your building expands or your power needs grow, we can simply add on units to meet the new demands.


Every business/building has different needs. Generac generators are customizable so electrical contractors are able to develop a solution to meet your specific power demands.

Remember, not all electrical contractors are Generac dealers. Top Flight Electric is Polk County’s trusted commercial electrician and certified electrician for all of your business and residential electrical needs. Give us a call today!


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