(part one)

We are beginning a series of articles on preventing electrical fires. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 51,000 home fires are caused by electrical issues. As a certified electrician, Top Flight Electric feels it is important to educate our customers and community on ways to prevent these damaging fires that account for nearly 500 deaths and more than $1.3 billion in property damage each year.

Here are some tips to help prevent electrical fires:

Do Not Overload Electrical Outlets

Overloading outlets is a major cause of electrical fires. Any licensed electrician will tell you that outlets are designed for a certain amount of electricity. Exceeding that amount will cause problems. Multiple power strips and extension cords are often the main culprits.

Do Not Place Items Near Electrical Outlets

Our certified electrician has seen it all, including electrical outlets that are blocked by flammable items such as curtains, decorations, and furniture. Faulty electrical outlets can spark and if that spark hits a flammable object such as a curtain, it can ignite.

Beware of Frayed Electrical Cords

Frayed electrical cords are another fire hazard. Our certified electrician sees homes and businesses that have appliances, computers, chargers, etc. with frayed cords, some of which have been “fixed” by using electrical tape. If you have any item with a frayed cord, either replace the cord or get a new item altogether. A licensed electrician who has been practicing for some time will have countless stories of frayed cords that have started electrical fires. Taking the chance is just not worth the risk.

Part two of our series will cover three more ways you can prevent electrical fires in your home. We recommend having a licensed electrician conduct a thorough electrical inspection of your home to identify problem areas. Top Flight Electric has a certified electrician on call 24/7 and serves customers throughout Lakeland, Winter Haven, Eagle Lake, and all of Polk County, Florida. We are also one of the area’s most trusted Generac dealers. Generac dealers are trained and certified by the manufacturer to service and install their quality line of Generac generators. If you need a licensed electrician or are in the process of researching Generac dealers, give Top Flight Electric a call today!


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