Homeowners and business owners alike often ask whether an electrical safety inspection is necessary. According to our licensed electrician, if you want to help protect your home and/or business from electrical fires or other issues, then you should have a professional electrical safety inspection conducted annually. Let’s take a look at some benefits of having a certified electrician conduct an electrical safety inspection:

Identify Potential Hazards

Our licensed electrician and/or commercial electrician will inspect and test your wiring and identify any potential electrical hazards. Outdated, frayed, or worn-out wires, overloaded circuits, and old appliances are among the hazards that can cause electric shock and electrical fires.

Check for Faulty Electrical Systems

Another potential problem our certified electrician looks for is faulty electrical systems. Issues can range from loose or faulty outlets to outdated breaker boxes and worn connectors.

Check Grounding

During your electrical safety inspection, our licensed electrician and/or commercial electrician check your grounding system to ensure the circuit breaker(s) properly trip should an issue arise.

Top Flight Electric is the preferred residential and commercial electrician serving Polk County, including Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Eagle Lake. Our certified electrician will come to your home or place of business to conduct a thorough electrical safety inspection and provide you with the findings. While we are there, be sure to ask about Generac generators. We are one of the certified Generac dealers in Polk County. Our licensed electrician / commercial electrician will evaluate your needs and make a recommendation that will keep your lights, appliances, and air conditioning on when the electricity goes out. Give your friends at Top Flight Electric a call to schedule your electrical safety inspection today!

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