There are a variety of reasons why an electrical panel may need to be upgraded. Flickering and/or dimming lights can be a sign that something is wrong. Appliances that do not work properly can also be a red flag. If you experience anything out of the ordinary, it may be time to call a licensed electrician to check it out. A residential electrician from Top Flight Electric can conduct an electrical safety inspection of your home and advise if any action is needed. Let’s take a look at some common reasons why an electrical panel may need to be upgraded.


The age of your electrical panel can have an impact on how well it functions. Older electrical panels can wear out or cease to function properly. A certified electrician can conduct an electrical safety inspection of your electrical panel to determine if an upgrade is needed.

Home Addition

If you are planning an addition to your home, you may need an upgraded electrical panel to support the new space. A residential electrician can review your plans and help determine whether an upgrade is needed.

Appliance Additions or Upgrades

If you are planning to add a new major appliance or upgrade older ones, it is a good idea for a licensed electrician to assess all of your electrical needs. Adjustments in wiring and/or a panel upgrade may be required to ensure your electrical system can accommodate the new load(s) and that everything is in proper working order.

Top Flight Electric is the preferred provider of electrical services throughout Polk County, including Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Eagle Lake. We are also one of the area’s preferred Generac dealers. If you suspect an electrical problem, or, if you would like an electrical safety inspection for peace of mind, we will send a licensed electrician to your home right away. Give your friends at Top Flight Electric a call to learn more today!

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