When watching the news, there seems to be an increase in home and commercial building fires that are a result of an electrical issues. Your friends at Top Flight Electric want to help you prevent this from happening to you. If you haven’t done so, please contact us to conduct an electrical safety inspection of your home or business. We will send our residential electrician/commercial electrician out to conduct a thorough evaluation.

In the meantime, we are happy to provide you with some valuable information on how to keep your family and business safe. Let’s continue our series discussing important electrical safety tips as recommended by our licensed electrician.

Use the Correct Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Circuit breakers and fuses should be the correct size and wattage for the application(s) for which they are being used. If not, they will fail and could cause problems that lead to a much bigger headache. Our commercial electrician/residential electrician will check your circuit breakers and fuses during your electrical safety inspection.

Replace Damaged Wall Plates

Wall plates for electrical outlets and switches are there for more than decoration, they serve a very important purpose. They cover the exposed wires near the outlet and switch, thus preventing them from accidental contact with a child, pet, or even someone trying to turn on a light in a dark room. When a wall plate becomes damaged or broken, it should be replaced immediately.

Our next article will cover more electrical safety tips as recommended by our licensed electrician.

When you need a licensed electrician, your friends at Top Flight Electric will be here for you. We are proud to serve both residential and commercial clients throughout Polk County and surrounding areas including Lakeland, Lake Alfred, Haines City, Lakeland Heights, Eagle Lake, Winter Haven, Davenport, and Mountain Lake. We are also one of Polk County’s preferred Generac dealers. We invite you to call us to learn more about how our dedicated team of licensed professionals can serve you!


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