Back-up generators require routine maintenance to ensure they remain in proper working condition. Top Flight Electric is one of Polk county’s certified Generac dealers. Our licensed electrician has undergone extensive training to become exceptionally qualified to install and service these reliable back-up generators. We also conduct a pre-installation electrical safety inspection to identify any existing issues that may need to be addressed before installing the unit. Below are some backup generator maintenance tips recommended by our residential and commercial electrician:

Conduct Periodic Tests

You should test your generator at least once every other month. Top Flight Electric’s certified electrician can show you how to test the unit once installation is complete.

Keep Area Free of Debris

Make sure the area around your backup generator is free of leaves, debris, dirt, branches, trash, etc.

Check Oil and Filters on a Regular Basis

Be sure to check the oil and filters regularly (a minimum of every other month) to ensure the oil level is adequate and filters are clean.

Schedule Annual Maintenance with a Licensed Residential or Commercial Electrician

This is extremely important to ensure your generator remains in tip top shape. Since Top Flight Electric is one of the area’s certified Generac dealers, we can schedule your annual maintenance at the same time as your electrical safety inspection. Our certified electrician will come to your home or business at a time that is convenient for you.

Top Flight Electric is the preferred residential and commercial electrician serving all of Polk county, including Lakeland, Winter Haven and Eagle Lake. As one of the area’s preferred Generac dealers, our licensed electrician is qualified to assess your home or business to recommend and install the right size and type of back-up generator for your needs. Give us a call to learn more today!

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