It’s inevitable, there will likely times when your lights go out for one reason or another. If this happens, don’t fret. While there are instances when you will need to call a licensed electrician, there are steps you can take that may resolve the problem. Let’s take a look:

Determine if the Problem is Isolated

You first want to determine if the problem is with just one outlet or affecting your entire home. Check to see if other electrical items are working (i.e. air conditioner, appliances, etc.). If they are, then the problem is likely isolated and you can proceed with the steps below. If your entire home is out and there is not a power outage in your area, then consider calling a certified electrician.

Step One: Check the Bulbs/Outlet

The first step is to check the light bulbs to make sure they are not loose or burned out. You should also check the outlet to make sure all of the screws are tight. If all checks out, proceed to step two.

Step Two: Check the GFCI

If the lights that went out are on a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), then check to see if the GFCI is tripped by pressing the “test” button. If you do this and it does not click, then the GFCI is tripped and needs to be reset by pressing the “reset” button until you hear it click. If this does not work, then consider calling a licensed electrician. Problems with existing GFCIs can often be identified during an electrical safety inspection.

Step Three: Check the Circuit Breaker

You can also check the circuit breaker to see if a circuit has been tripped. If it has, try flipping the breaker. If this does not work or the problem continues again, then call a certified electrician to check the circuit breaker. Consider having them conduct an electrical safety inspection while they are there.

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