Labeling your electrical panel is a tedious but necessary task that can save you precious time if you ever need to turn off a circuit breaker and/or a circuit trip aor becomes overloaded. If you live in a new construction home, chances are the electrical panel is not pre-labeled or has temporary labels. If you live in an older home and/or your business is located in an older building, check to make sure the labels have not faded and still securely adhere to the circuit breakers.

Labeling your electrical panel in new construction and older home buldings that have fading labels is especially important. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, a certified electrician and/or commercial electrician can help you accurately label the electrical panel in your home and/or business. Top Flight Electric needs to diagnose the problem.cis one of the preferred electrical contractors in Polk County. We work with both businesses and homeowners in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Eagle Lake, and surrounding areas. Whether you wish to label your electrical panel yourself or plan to call on a certified electrician / commercial electrician to assist, below are some tips to ensure accuracy:

  • Purchase blank, sticky labels. Use your printer to format and clearly print the names of each zone on the labels.
  • Turn off all electrical circuits then turn them back on one at a time. Ask someone in your home/building to tell you the name of each zone as it turns on and place a label on the circuit.

Some appliances such as dryers, electric ranges, and water heaters may require more than one breaker to operate. If you notice any anomalies, then there could be some faulty wiring or another issue that needs to be addressed. In this case, a certified electrician/commercial electrician such as Top Flight Electric needs to diagnose the problem.

If you would like assistance with labeling your electrical panel, Top Flight Electric can help! Give us a call and one of our certified electrical contractors will be happy to come out to your home and/or business. Not only are we electrical contractors, be we are also one of Polk County’s preferred Generac dealers. We can assess your home and/or business and make a recommendation on what type of backup generator is best for you. Give your friends at Top Flight Electric a call today!

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