We are continuing our series on installing your EV charging station. Our previous article covered the importance of contacting a licensed electrician to conduct an electrical safety inspection, discuss any modifications or upgrades that may be needed, and help you determine the best place to install the charger. We also covered how the residential electrician you hire should confirm the electrical supply running to your home. This article will cover more steps that need to be taken during the installation of your EV charging station.

Determine If Electrical Panel Needs An Upgrade

Your licensed electrician will determine if your electrical panel needs an upgrade to accommodate the circuit breaker for your EV charging station. This is normally done when conducting your initial electrical safety inspection. If an electrical panel upgrade is needed, this should be completed by a certified electrician who can provide you with a quote to perform the work.

Conduct a Final Electrical Safety Inspection

Once your residential electrician (or commercial electrician if you are installing an EV at your place of business) completes the installation, they should conduct a test of the system as well as a final electrical safety inspection.

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