We are continuing our series of articles discussing outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is extremely popular and one of the most requested services performed by either a residential electrician or commercial electrician. Our previous article discussed the impact outdoor lighting has on curb appeal and also offered some tips to keep in mind as you select outdoor fixtures. Today, we will continue discussing aspects to consider when planning outdoor lighting for your home or business.

Positioning and Placement of Lighting Fixtures

When positioning your outdoor light fixtures, you want to achieve the perfect balance between lighting and aesthetics. A licensed electrician is qualified to advise you in this area. Generally, a commercial electrician or residential electrician will recommend adding light fixtures every ten feet or so. Full spectrum lighting can be highly effective while also adding a unique ambiance to your outdoor areas. Consider placing side-mounted lights with low level illumination on paths and walkways. This ensures visibility and safety without being too harsh on the eyes.

Popular Lighting Designs for Improved Curb Appeal

Your residential electrician or commercial electrician can make specific recommendations based on your individual needs, but here are some options to consider.

Spotlights are an excellent way to add accents to unique features such as large trees, fountains, statues, or other architectural details.

Path lighting is perfect for illuminating your pathways, sidewalks, and driveways to guide your guests to the front door safely.

Uplighting fixtures are an excellent way to highlight unique aspects of trees, bushes, and landscape features.

String lighting is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere while also adding a festive feeling to your outdoor area.

Our next article will continue the conversation about outdoor lighting.

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