In Florida, we’ve learned from past hurricanes that it does pay to be prepared for hurricane season! Lakeland, Eagle Lake, Winter Haven and all of Polk County, Florida have all experienced the effects of Hurricanes. Aside from damage, probably the most commonly reported problem was power outages. As thousands of homes and business throughout Lakeland, Winter Haven, Eagle Lake and Polk County went dark, those with generators were thankful they were prepared!

Top Flight Electric is a local electrical contractor with both residential and commercial electricians who can help you select and professionally install a whole-home / building generator that can keep your electricity flowing for weeks after the storm. Whole home / building systems differ from portable generators in that they have much more power so they are well equipped to handle lights, HVAC, appliances and more. Installation by a qualified electrical contractor is important to ensure it is properly and safely installed. Top Flight Electric is an authorized Generac partner, so our residential and commercial electricians are equipped to make model recommendations and properly install your unit.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of having an electrical contractor install a whole-home/building generator vs. using a portable unit:

  • Safety – Portable units must be operated outside of the home and be free of any debris and nearby obstructions or they can become deadly.
  • Whole-home / building units can operate during the storm.
  • A whole-home / building generator can last a lifetime if properly installed and regularly inspected by a qualified electrical contractor.
  • Unlike with portable generators, whole-home/building units operate with a flip of a switch.

If you live in Winter Haven, Eagle Lake, Lakeland or anywhere in Polk County, contact Top Flight Electric to learn more about how a whole-home / building generator can benefit you both now and in the future. We can send one of our residential or commercial electricians to your home or office for an evaluation. Do it now before hurricane season heats up!

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