As a qualified provider of electrical services, we take pride in offering valuable advice and tips. Our licensed electrician believes that identifying and addressing potential hazards early is key to ensuring the safety of your home or business. We are continuing our series on ways to keep pets safe from electrical hazards. Our previous article discussed the importance of hiding electrical cords and knowing where underground electrical wires are located. Today, we will look at two more tips from our licensed electrician.

Check to Make Sure Appliances Are Turned Off Before Leaving Your Home

Unattended appliances can be fire hazards. When leaving your pet home alone, you should check to make sure your appliances are turned off since they will be unattended. This includes, but is not limited to, clothes dryers, ovens, curling irons, coffee makers, etc.

Cover Electrical Outlets

If you have a curious pet or one who likes to put its nose in things and sniff, then you may want to consider covering your electrical outlets, especially those on the floor. If you need to use power strips, try to place them in an area that is out of reach from your pet.

If you want to play it safe, consider having a licensed electrician conduct an electrical safety inspection of your home. Top Flight Electric has a residential electrician available and ready to help ensure your family and pets are safe. Electrical fires are more common than you think. Having an electrical safety inspection performed by a licensed electrician helps identify potential hazards before they become major problems. Not only does Top Flight Electric have a residential electrician and commercial electrician on staff, but we are also one of Polk County’s preferred Generac dealers. If you live in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Eagle Lake, or surrounding areas, we encourage you to give us a call to schedule your electrical safety inspection today!


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