We live in Central Florida, which means we will all likely experience at least one power outage every year. It is important for both homeowners and business owners to have a plan before the power goes out. The first order of business is to have the name and contact information of a trusted, local residential and/or commercial electrician stored in your mobile phone. This is important to have now so that in the event you lose power, you don’t have to waste time looking for contact information in the dark.

Top Flight Electric has a licensed residential and commercial electrician on call 24/7. Consider putting our contact information in your mobile telephone and any other places that are easy to access:

Top Flight Electric

(863) 349-3355

Here are some other helpful tips to consider when the power goes out:

Determine if the outage is isolated to just your home/business

You first need to determine if the outage is just affecting your home/business or if others on your street/in your neighborhood are also in the dark. If the outage is affecting more than just you, call your electric company to report the outage. If your home or business is the only one affected, then a call to a residential or commercial electrician is in order. Electrical contractors can safely diagnose the problem and develop a plan of action to resolve the issue.

Gather flashlights and lanterns

You will want to start gathering flashlights and lanterns to ensure you have enough sources of light until power is restored. A 24/7 electrician may respond quickly, but if you are dealing with a local or widespread electric outage, it could take the power company anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to restore power.

Turn on your generator

If it looks like your power may be out for more than a few hours, then consider turning on your generator. If you don’t currently have a generator, now is the time to consider one. As one of the area’s trusted Generac dealers, Top Flight Electric offers home generator installation. Since we are also a commercial electrician, we can also install Generac products at your business. Not all electrical contractors are certified Generac dealers. There is a process for proper business and home generator installation.

Top Flight Electric is the preferred residential and commercial electrician serving Lakeland, Winter Haven, Eagle Lake, and all of Polk County. You will also find us on the list of certified Generac dealers. If you need a 24/7 electrician, commercial electrician, or licensed electrician to perform any type of electrical work, be sure Top Flight Electric is the first call you make!

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