We’re proud to be your go-to resource when it comes to whole-home generators in Lakeland, FL. This specific type of generator integrates into your home’s existing electrical system rather than being a standalone unit that you plug appliances into. It kicks on as soon as your power turns off and provides a seamless transition, often keeping you from realizing that you lost power. You’ll want to hire a licensed electrician for generator installation.

It is possible to configure home generators to only power specific appliances in your home, saving energy in the process. However, if you’d prefer, you can install a unit that is big enough to power your whole house. If this is the option you prefer, there are some requirements that you need to consider; for example, the size of your home is important, including the AMPs needed to power critical appliances and the type of gas supply, before you move forward with an installation. Our reliable technicians can help you decide which specific generator model and size is right for your home and comfort needs.

Quality Whole-Home Generators

If you live in an area with regular storms and high winds, it is time to consider installing a whole-home generator. Nothing is more frustrating than living through the stormy season and constantly losing power and needing to throw out all of the perishable food you just bought. When you have a home generator, you can rest easy knowing that your refrigerator and freezer will not turn off, and you will continue to have a heat source to prepare your food during the power outage.

Another instance when you should consider installing a generator is if you need regular access to electric medical devices. In this case, it is a matter of life or death that you can’t take a chance with. Home generators will ensure that your medical devices continue to work and serve their purposes no matter the situation. This is also true if you are on medication that requires refrigeration. Having a reliable cooling source for your medication is something that you need to take seriously.

Here are some additional reasons you should consider installing a generator in your home.
  • Protection against weather events
  • Preservation of perishable goods
  • Business continuity
  • Enhanced security
  • Medical equipment maintenance

Home generators offer peace of mind that is not matched by any other appliance. When you have one of these appliances integrated into your home’s electrical grid, you know that you will have access to power regardless of the situation.