There are many companies that will service a Generac generator. However, choosing a licensed electrician who is an authorized Generac provider ensures you will receive the experience and quality of service expected of Generac dealers. In fact, Generac dealers are required to have their certified electrician take ongoing training to ensure they have the appropriate troubleshooting and diagnostic skills to service this powerful equipment. Let’s take a closer look at some of the resources offered to Generac dealers to ensure they can provide superior quality and service to their customers:

Installation Certification

A certified electrician desiring to install Generac generators must go through a hands-on installation certification training. During this course, future Generac dealers are required to show proficiency in tasks such as performing transfer switch wiring and conducting a full test procedure.

Service Training

This course is designed to offer any licensed electrician desiring to become one of their company’s authorized Generac dealers the opportunity to learn how to properly service both residential and commercial Generac generators.

Is your licensed electrician an authorized Generac dealer? If not, we can help. Top Flight Electric is one of Polk County’s authorized Generac dealers. In addition to having a certified electrician on call 24/7 to perform various types of electrical work, we are also available to service your Generac generator. Generac dealers are the only authorized source to sell the equipment so if you are in the market, our licensed electrician can come to your site and make a recommendation as to the unit that will best suit your needs. Give your friends at Top Flight Electric a call today!

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