Although LED lighting is the wave of the future, there are still many homeowners and business owners who are apprehensive to make the switch. As one of the preferred electrical contractors in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Eagle Lake, and all of Polk County, Top Flight Electric has the knowledge and experience to help you convert your old incandescent and fluorescent lighting into LED.

We recommend consulting a licensed electrician to evaluate your home and/or office for LED lighting. A commercial electrician or residential electrician can help with everything from the bulb and light selection to re-wiring and installation.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of converting to LED lighting:

Energy and Cost Savings

LED lighting uses much less energy than incandescent lighting, which translates into direct cost savings. And, although LED light bulbs often cost more, they last much longer and do not need to be replaced nearly as often as incandescent lighting. However, not all LED light bulbs are the same. Top Flight Electric has a qualified and licensed commercial electrician and residential electrician who can help select the right LED light bulbs for your home or business.

Flexible Direction

Another favorable aspect of LED lighting is that it is directional. Interior designers tend to gravitate toward LED lighting because it can focus on certain areas, often opening up a room and giving it a cleaner, sleeker look. A licensed electrician can not only help you select the right type of LED lighting for your space but can also safely re-wire your home or office as needed and safely install it.

Color Temperatures

Correlated color temperatures allow LED lightbulbs to react to Kelvin temperatures. Low Kelvins produce more yellow light. High kelvins give off bluer light. A licensed commercial electrician or residential electrician can demonstrate the different temperatures and calibrate each light to your preference.

Not all electrical contractors are knowledgeable in LED. When you call Top Flight Electric, you can take comfort in knowing that our licensed electrician is experienced and well-versed in LED lighting. Considering making the switch? Homeowners and businesses in Lakeland, Eagle Lake, Winter Haven, and Polk County, Florida are encouraged to give us a call to schedule a professional LED evaluation today.


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