It’s Friday evening and you are experiencing electrical problems. Should you call an after-hours electrician or wait until Monday? Well, that depends on what is happening. If you have a complete outage in your home and your neighbors’ lights are on, then it is likely the problem is associated with your home’s electrical vs. a power outage. In this case, an electrician emergency service is definitely warranted! There are other home electrical issues that can signal more serious problems that require an electrician after hours. If you are experiencing any of the following with your home electrical system, it may be time to call an electrician emergency service:

Flickering or inconsistent lights

If your lights are flickering or turning on and off, a call to an electrician is in order. If you experience this in the evening or on a weekend, it could be serious enough of a problem to call a 24/7 electrician. Old or faulty wiring and/or voltage problems could be the cause. In these cases, an after-hours electrician can diagnose and address the issue before it becomes a fire hazard.

Tripped circuits

If your circuits are tripping, don’t wait until normal business hours to address the problem. A 24/7 electrician can respond to examine what is causing the issue. Overloaded circuits and/or lack of enough electrical outlets are often the culprit.

Strange noises

Humming, buzzing or other noises coming from your home electrical system is not normal. If you hear any strange or new noises, there could be a serious issue with your home’s electrical. It’s time to call a 24/7 electrician right away!

If you experience any of these above problems, don’t panic. Top Flight Electric is Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Polk County’s 24/7 electricians of choice. When issues arise, don’t wait. Our electrician emergency service is here to help!

Next month we will address warm outlets, electrical shocks, and the age of your home wiring in Part Two.

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