With the ever-increasing demand for electrical power and the continued delays in power plant construction, the power grid is likely to become more and more unstable. Power production in some municipalities has been less than the demand, forcing power companies into rolling blackouts to conserve resources for vital services. Unseasonably cold Florida winters can even take a toll on the power supply and have forced rolling blackouts in the past.

A backup power source will keep your lights on during a rolling blackout, weather situation, or another emergency that affects the power grid. A Generac generator is a reliable power source and an excellent investment for any home or business. Here are some reasons you should consider contracting a licensed electrician / commercial electrician to install a backup power source.

Safety and Security

When a blackout happens, everyone in your area will be in the dark. Blackouts in the early 1970s caused widespread panic and, in some cases, looting of businesses and homes. Having a certified electrician evaluate your property and electrical needs is imperative to identify the right backup power source. A licensed electrician can determine the proper size to keep you safe and secure in the event power goes out.

Loss of Stored Food

A backup power source – such as those installed by Generac dealers – can power freezers and refrigerators. Having the ability to provide power to these vital appliances can save thousands in lost food. A certified electrician can install the appropriately sized backup power source to the necessary circuits in your home or business.

Prevent Equipment Damage

Blackouts are often preceded by brownouts. A brownout is a period of time when the electrical voltage supply to an affected area can be too low. This can result in electrical equipment being damaged by increased amperage drawn by the equipment at the lower voltage. The excessive amperage can also cause equipment to overheat or spark an electrical fire. Licensed electricians can evaluate your circuits, electronics, and equipment to ensure they are protected from under voltage.

Top Flight Electric is one of the authorized Generac dealers in Polk County, serving Lakeland, Winter Haven, Eagle Lake, and surrounding areas. Generac dealers can assess your needs and install the proper unit you need to provide peace of mind. Installing a backup power source such as a new Generac generator will provide clean, uninterrupted power when you need it most. Give us a call today!

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