Tips on Maintaining Your Home Generator from our Licensed Electrician

Commercial Electrician

Back-up generators require routine maintenance to ensure they remain in proper working condition.  Top Flight Electric is one of Polk county’s certified Generac dealers.  Our licensed electrician has undergone extensive training to become exceptionally qualified to install and service these reliable back-up generators.  We also conduct a pre-installation electrical safety…

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Why Did My Circuit Breaker Trip?

electrical safety inspection

Circuit breaker trips occur for many reasons.  While an occasional trip is common, a circuit breaker that continues to have problems should be examined by a licensed electrician.  Below are some common reasons why your circuit may trip. Short Circuit Short circuits often occur at an outlet, switch or fixture. …

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Let’s Talk Outdoor Lighting

Electrical Safety Inspection

Outdoor lighting is popular, especially in Florida where the weather is ideal all year. When we conduct an electrical safety inspection of your home or business, we will examine your outdoor lighting to make sure it is properly installed and powered. Outdoor lighting – including lanterns, post lights, spotlights, floodlights,…

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Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires

emergency electrician

We are continuing our series on preventing electrical fires in your home.  As we mentioned in our previous article, more than 51,000 homes fall victim to electrical fires each year.  Let’s look at some additional ways you can help keep your home safe: Beware of Space Heaters Space heaters are…

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Preventing Electrical Fires

Preventing Electrical Fires

(part one) We are beginning a series of articles on preventing electrical fires. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 51,000 home fires are caused by electrical issues.  As a certified electrician, Top Flight Electric feels it is important to educate our customers and community on ways to…

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Tips on Labeling Your Electrical Panel

Electrical Contractors

Labeling your electrical panel is a tedious but necessary task that can save you precious time if you ever need to turn off a circuit breaker and/or a circuit trips or becomes overloaded. If you live in a new construction home, chances are the electrical panel is not pre-labeled or…

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Protecting Your Business with a Back-Up Generator

commercial electrician

Loss of electricity paralyzes a business.  Whether it occurs as a result of a storm/hurricane or a widespread municipal outage, a back-up generator can keep your business operating when the power is out. Top Flight Electric is one of the areas certified Generac dealers serving Winter Haven, Lakeland, Eagle Lake…

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Benefits of Installing a Home Backup Generator

certified electrician

There are numerous benefits to installing a home backup generator.  Top Flight Electric is one of the areas trusted Generac dealers.  Our certified electrician can evaluate and install these affordable generators that are designed to ensure your home stays powered before, during, and after the storm.  Let’s take a look…

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